Be The Total Woman You Are

Living Your Purpose In Full Totality

“The Story of A Woman Saved is Better Than  the Story of A Woman Scorned”

-Sade Popoola

Learn How To:

Learn How To:

  • Find purpose when you go through process.
  • Indulge yourself with a total makeover after achieving spiritual makeover.
  • Understand why you are going through the unending pains in your life and find a way out through prayer and guidance.
  • Overcome stigma.
  • Re-establish your relationship with God.
  • Value Self Worth and how to use it to overcome any difficult situation.
  • Use trials as a tool of empowerment.
  • Find Grace and understand different levels of Grace.
  • Enable growth through Pain
  • Live an empowered life
  • Differentiate the different aspects of God’s love.
  • Understand the importance of living in the Kingdom.

“The story of a woman saved brings hope and victories, the story of a woman scorned rattles the hornets’ nest which nobody comes out victorious.”

– Sade Popoola

What you will uncover In these Pages:

  • Break Out of the cycle of pain, failure & purposelessness and achieve the life you truly deserve:
  • Importance of building and achieving a greater understanding of a personal relationship with God as a citizen of His Kingdom.
  • Understanding about the Kingdom message,the message that Jesus preached
  • How the application of the Kingdom message changed my life and brought immense clarity,peace and joy into all aspects of my life.
  • You will learn about The Power of First Impressions.
  • How making an effort to create that first impression is imperative.
  • How my health was used as a wake-up call to living a healthy lifestyle.

Sample Chapter

Click below  to read a sample chapter of the book.. This sample chapter will give you a glimpse of Sade’s character, where she is coming from and a taste of what to expect in the book. Enjoy  be amused and be blessed.

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